Celebrate Healthcare Quality Week with Meritage Medical Network

heartbeat-163709_1280At Meritage Medical Network, our healthcare goals align with those of our patients–providing high quality healthcare that meets your needs. We accomplish these goals by addressing and supporting our patients in an efficient, systematic manner. We strive to facilitate holistic changes that remove barriers and provide easier access to healthcare.

Healthcare Quality Week

This week is Healthcare Quality Week, which is organized by the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ). This seven-day celebration highlights the work of healthcare quality professionals and how their roles and tasks improve patient care outcomes. Quality matters, and we recognize the positive impact that efficient systems, due diligence, and steadfast perseverance have on patients. When we focus on quality, our patients’ needs are met, allowing them to heal faster. Additionally, the higher quality treatment they receive, the more likely they are to make healthy lifestyle changes on a long-term basis. At Meritage, it’s all about quality.

A Call to Action

In 2012, the NAHQ issued a Call to Action: Safeguarding the Integrity of Healthcare Quality and Safety Systems, offering recommendations for best practices that encourage quality and enhance safety. Among their proposals was the idea that a strong safety culture should focus on accountability, meeting goals, exceeding expectations, addressing patient concerns, and ensuring transparent and accurate reporting of medical data. In short, everything we strive to do at Meritage Medical Network.

In 2015, we were honored with a Case In Point Platinum Award by Dorland Health for our care management and care coordination efforts. This program sought to reduce preventable readmissions, improve patient safety, and increase patient satisfaction. Our results speak for themselves: the care transition program resulted in just a 10.2% readmission rate for the highest-risk patients–well below the national average.

But quality healthcare isn’t just good for patients; it’s also smart business. Via the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA), we were also awarded an Excellence in Healthcare–Pay for Performance award, a recognition given to physician organizations that are successful in achieving quality results while effectively managing costs.

Better Communication Breeds Results 

There are many ways we facilitate communication with our patients and within our network. For example, one program we’ve instituted is the Virtual Huddle. This program allows us to check in on a patient’s care history in a HIPAA-compliant manner, even if the consulting doctor is in another office.

Our Patients Are Our #1 Priority

Meritage Medical Network makes quality healthcare our top priority; hosting lunch and learn opportunities, providing wellness classes for our members, and working to ensure strong compliance with new ACA standards are just a few of the methods we use to improve patient outcomes and provide better quality care. We are continuously researching potential advancements, discussing innovative strategies, and making strides to improve our programs to ensure that we further enhance all elements of our network in the future. Come join us as we celebrate quality healthcare throughout the year!

To view a full list of Meritage Medical Networks awards and projects, please visit our website

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