Concierge Services

concierge is an employee of an apartment buildinghotelairport, or office building. However, credit card companies are increasingly offering the services of concierges to high-income clients. A modern concierge may also serve as a personal lifestyle manager, like a majordomo and a secretary.

When you’re on vacation, you need to get information fast so you can get on your way to fun and exploration. You need your laundry taken care of, so you can spend your time swimming in the pool. Your dinner reservations made, so you can relax by the beach. You need the hottest attractions mapped out for you, so you don’t waste your precious time away from work doing the research.

What if you could have the same service when you were at work?!

Welcome to Leverage Concierge—no, we don’t work for them–they work for us!

Imagine getting your dry cleaning dropped off and picked up for you, your gift shopping and wrapping done, and goodbye to tedious post office errands, to name a few.

In meetings all day, but need your watch repaired? Working on an overdue proposal but your car sticker says you need a servicing—no problem. What about getting away from it all with a little help on vacation and travel planning? Need a spa recommendation for your lunch hour?! How about a date night babysitter?

Or what if you’re just tired and you’d like to spend your precious few hours after work, with your loved ones—how would you like your groceries delivered to your front door, or your dinner on the table?! Or maybe you live alone, and you’ve been hankering to fall into a chair and read that book you never have time for. Don’t worry, no one is judging you, because all services are 100% confidential and frankly what you do with your time, is your business, and finally, it’s okay to get business and pleasure all mixed up, together.

Do you have a birthday of a family member who lives in another state coming up? You can’t be there, but if you give Leverage Concierge a 24-hour notice, they can get your beautifully wrapped gift anywhere, without you leaving your desk! One of our staff members did just that. The runner that was assigned to her, swung by our office, picked up the package, delivered it to the post office, and cut the $10 hourly service to $5 because all of it took less than thirty minutes!

Honestly, our team is just starting to fathom the possibilities. Some of us have tried it and some of us are still thinking about it. Some of us haven’t yet had time to think about it. I suspect once we embrace the idea of having our own virtual personal assistant, lifestyle manager, or travel guide, there may be no turning back. That’s not a bad problem to have, though.

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