Patient Testimonials

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Carson H. on 10/5/2018

“They are simply the BEST. I have seen different therapist over the years but no one has helped me like Marci has. To steal a line from Stephen B.’s review “she understands what my recovery requires and has designed specific exercises and approaches that help me heal now and that will also help me live better in the future”. My husband has been referred for therapy and I immediately recommended Core and Marci with confidence that he’ll be in great hands. THANK YOU Core and Marci.”

Carson H. on 10/5/2018

“I had a great experience at CORE Physical Therapy and with Marci Silverberg as my physical therapist.  I came in with terrible low back pain caused by running incorrectly and a lack of core strength.  She listened patiently while we checked in at the beginning of each session and then came up with what we would do that day based on where my body was at.  She assessed the problem as a whole and I was on my way back to normal within 2 weeks.  Each session was well worth the time and money.  I would recommend Marci and CORE to anyone in need of physical therapy.”

Mary V. on 8/13/2018

“Kris Whitman is an amazing therapist and Core PT is a most professional and welcoming place. I went there for bladder issues and was amazed at how much Kris could help. I am following her program for me and have wonderful relief. She is patient and understanding and really knows how to make you feel better. And they take Medicare as full payment!”

Lindsey W. on 7/2/2018

“Everyone I’ve worked with at Core has been great, but Kris os exceptional. I’ve been a patient for 3 different injuries and have fully recovered from each (so long as I keep doing the exercise they gave me). I had a particularly bad back injury (annular tear) that took more than a year to heal, and Kris helped me through every stage of it, both physically and mentally (ok, emotionally too). Go here. They rock.”

Stephen B. on 6/27/2018

“Marci is a wizard and has helped me recover quickly and safely. She understands what my recovery requires and has designed specific exercises and approaches that help me heal now and that will also help me live better in the future. The studio is well designed to help her be effective and the team that supports the therapists is responsive and helpful. My best PT experience yet!”

Brendan O. on 5/15/2018

“The administrative staff at the front desk was very helpful with resolving some initial insurance issues. Stewart Lin provided a comprehensive evaluation of the injuries I had sustained as a result of being struck by a hit and run driver. His proposed exercise regimen was easy to follow and led to my complete recovery. I’m very grateful for his guidance, support and treatment. His concern for my recovery was supportive and genuine. The facility is very clean and parking is convenient.  Highly recommend!”

Nancy G. excerpt from thank you card written on 7/19/2016

“Thank you (Angie)!! For so patiently, kindly, and wisely ferrying me from where I was… to the happier & stronger place I am now I am so grateful I won the lottery and got you as y PT! Because in addition to being an awesome practitioner you are also a healer. You kept me going through cold days of isolation & pain… your caring helped me so much.”

Wendy K. excerpt from thank you card written on 2/6/2016

“I am deeply appreciative to you (Angie). Your support and expertise made The Difference to me – helping me keep the faith and get strong.”

Doug M. 8/2015

Received PT for frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis). Had about 8 weekly visits with Angie. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I hope my other shoulder freezes so I can go back 🙂

Not much else I can say since it was the first time in PT, but I have to say that she nailed the problem before my PC (who just thought it was tendinitis :-/)

The specialist, although very knowledgeable too, doesn’t have time to coach someone back to health so I can’t say how valuable someone like Angie is! Thanks.

James C. M. 8/2015

I was involved in a car accident in January where I was rear ended and suffered a lower back strain. I went to Core per my physician’s referral and I was really impressed with the service and the help they provided me. I especially want to single out Marci, who listened to my issues and taught me exercises to help relieve my back and also my hip. She was easy to talk with and her instruction was clear, concise and encouraging. I am now doing the exercises at home and they are helping a great deal. I would recommend Core to anyone looking for excellent physical therapy. The schedulers were very pleasant and easy to work with when setting up my appointments, and always greeted me with a smile.

Claire W. 5/2015

Dear Core Team (especially Angie and Marci)

It’s been over a year since I came to you post knee surgery for rehab, but I wanted to write you to thank you for such a successful job and to express my gratitude.  I have started running pain-free, which was something I was never able to do in my adult life without dislocating my knee.  I have also lost 30 pounds and have restarted backpacking at home and abroad!  In the picture I’m in New Zealand after climbing 3600 ft in elevation after one day.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your skill, patience, and attention.  Thanks to you, I am now able to live the life I’ve always wanted.  Bang-up job!

Brian A. 3/2015

This year marks my 4th time for Shoulder Surgery ( bicep & rotator cuff) as well as 3 knee surgeries and a few other odds and ends. I have been assigned to C.O.R.E. physical therapy several times and each time found it immensely helpful given the quality and energy of the staff.

The most current round has introduced me to Geena DiFatta, D.P.T. who is a five-star therapist…intelligent with a great attitude, very good with assessing and assigning a program that is rigorous but appropriate for the level needed to move on the healing path. She also has a great personality and manages to keep a great sense of humor; a really good balance of personable professionalism. I would expect that she will have a very long and rewarding career in the P.T. field.

The entire current staff at the San Rafael C.O.R.E. office is professional yet very enjoyable. Their personality makes going there a pleasure because of the welcoming environment they provide to their clients.

I would recommend them to anyone and also the painful process of returning to good health can be assured by Miss DiFatta’s program and care.

Karen K. 5/2014

CORE gets my 5 stars without hesitation. I worked with Kris last summer to great success. When my problem flared up again this spring after a bit too much heavy lifting I made a beeline back. She is a highly skilled, goal oriented PT with vision and empathy. I feel such appreciation and truly couldn’t give a higher recommendation.

I also worked with Angie briefly and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again. The front desk staff is professional, happy and service oriented. The overall tone of the office is positive and patient focused. Last but not least, appointments run on time!

Nicole R. 4/2014

I have been seeing Angie because of a knee injury for close to six weeks and I have to say, I have never met a more professional, thoughtful, and knowledgeable Physical Therapist. Actually, the whole Core team is great!

Jake Y. 04/2014

I have been seeing Marcie and she is as good as it gets. I’ve been to many different PT offices and she is easily one of the best. I’m in PT for my recent Bankart Lesion surgery and Marcie keeps me on the rigorous routine it requires for a full recovery. I would recommend her to any one who needs help with their shoulders and CORE has been a great experience so far. Everyone is friendly when I arrive and you can’t really ask for much more.

Hilda M. 04/2014

I’ve been meaning to write about Core PT. I was a little apprehensive about calling them since I ‘ve had 5 Knee surgeries. I knew I needed PT and have been to pretty much every single PT place in Marin, never to Core though! I was very happy I called them. I called them on a Monday and I was in by the following week. The front staff is very knowledgeable, they asked for my insurance info and my referrals etc. Yes they asked questions but it’s for the patients benefit. I saw Marci and she is wonderful! She currently has me on a strengthening regimen since I’m getting ready for the 6th and hopefully final knee surgery. (this time the knee is getting replaced) The young woman at the front named Kelly Rocks!! She was so nice and welcoming when I first walked in. It matter patients are in pain and we are already cranky!! Thank you Core I will definitely keep on coming back to you guys.

Margie P. 04/2014

I feel most fortunate in having had the opportunity to use CORE Physical Therapy for rehabilitation of an extremely severe hamstring strain. Kris was both knowledgeable and intuitive in her approach to my therapy. She incorporated a program specifically designed with my needs and goals in mind using her keen sense of restorative and kinetic understanding.

Kris has been instrumental in my progress to gain strength, balance and flexibility, thus bringing a new awareness to all my workouts. She encouraged my success with her positive attitude and attentiveness.

CORE Physical Therapy has allowed me to return to the activities I had lost hope of ever doing again. Through Kris’s dedication I feel as though I have been given a second chance to be better and stronger.

Thank you CORE and Kris for setting the highest standards of physical rehabilitation and care for your clients.

Daniel D. 04/2014

I recently recovered from rotator cuff surgery. Having Kris work with my therapist about what my condition was, allowed her to tailor my massage to exactly fit my need. It felt great and allowed me to relax my shoulder for the first time after surgery. The perfect compliment to the healing process. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Mila T. 04/2014

I had a very beneficial experience and a health result with orthopedic massage therapy performed by Kris at Core Physical Therapy in San Rafael.

I booked 5 massages. First, I filled out a questionnaire form in which I indicated my health problems and what areas of the body I needed help with. Kris worked closely with my physical therapist Marcy and already knew that my problem areas were upper and lower back and right shoulder. In the beginning of the massage session, she went over the form and we discussed what area she will be working on. When she started, she asked if I was comfortable with the pressure that she applied. The room was warm, the music soothing, and the linens were very clean and smelled fresh. This helped me to relax and enjoy the therapy.

Kris is a very skillful massage therapist. When I came in, I had a backache and was not feeling well. Right after the first treatment I felt much better and after competing all sessions my back condition was greatly improved. During each session she would ask how I felt, what area needed the most attention. She also adjusted the treatments if she felt that a certain area was particularly tense that day.

Kris is a true health care professional and a knowledgeable massage therapist. I can honestly say that I had a great health outcome form the massage therapy sessions. They were enjoyable, relaxing, and helpful.

Betsy L. 03/2014

Kris has done a superlative job with helping to rehabilitate musculoskeletal dysfunction caused by a pinched nerve in my neck. The orthopedic/therapeutic massage has greatly helped, as she is a master of manipulation and movement of soft tissue and muscles to help resolve the nerve damage discomfort. She has done more for me than a nerve block or other regular massages I have had. I would recommend her without hesitation. My only wish is that I found out about her earlier rather than to have suffered longer than I needed to with chronic pain.

Angela S. 03/2014

I feel like I struck gold when I discovered that my highly trained physical therapist Kris was available for massage post-op shoulder surgery. It allayed my fears of having a massage therapist inadvertently cause complications. As expected, Kris is an exceptional massage therapist who has brought me much needed relief. Her rates are very reasonable and she is conveniently located.

Maureen F 12/2013

Angie – Thank you for all your great work and even greater personality.

Barbara S 11/2013

Thank you so much Angie for all of your work with me over the past eight weeks. I am feeling so much better thanks to you! You are an outstanding and insightful physical therapist.

Shaina L. 10/2013

Marci – I want to thank you for making a believer out of me. I would say I’m about 95% now. Still working on the wall angels but they are getting easier. Thank you for helping me get my shoulder back to normal. You are the bomb!

Scott E. 2/2013

I’ve seen Emily several times to help me recover range of motion in my shoulder after an injury.  I was skeptic about how much physical therapy could help (in part based on past negative experiences), but Emily has been amazing.  She seems very knowledgeable and has helped me make a tremendous improvement.

Kim R. 8/2011

I have been to physical therapy at Core two times in two years.  Jen has taken care of me both times. Sometimes I really would like to dislike her because PT is not easy, and she is tough, but in the end it’s all worth it!  I have come out of PT better than before my injuries!

Also, big nods to the women at the front desk.  Always cheerful and accommodating! You gals rock!

David D. 4/2011

On November 12, 2010, I underwent spinal surgery by Dr. Robert Byers of Mt. Tam Orthopedics. A laminectomy of L5 and a decompression or laminotomy of L4. The surgery relieved my back pain and numbness in both legs and feet. On February 10, 2011, I started physical therapy and during my first session, my therapist asked what my goals might be in relation to the back rehabilitation. I told him that gaining the ability to surf again, pain free, was important.

My therapist was able to combine his knowledge of physical therapy and passion for surfing into a very helpful series of sessions for me. He was able to identify areas of muscle weakness and stiffness that probably contributed to my back problems and were slowing my recovery.

I learned some efficient back-friendly body mechanics and then a number of exercises, movements, and stretches. For the first time, I learned what this “CORE concept was all about and how to really feel and incorporate it into my daily activities. I thought my balance was O.K., but my therapist taught me some simple and subtle exercises that really improved it. I am surfing again, pain free, and my flexibility is improving.

Bruce K. 3/2011

I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate my therapist’s work, on not one but BOTH of my shoulders post rotator cuff surgery. My right shoulder was done mid July 2009 and my left late Spetember 2010, and I began physical therapy at almost exactly 12 weeks post op for both. I got my therapist as one of Core’s shoulder specialists and couldn’t be happier with the work he did. The shoulder is great in all respects, now more than 20 months later. I was so happy with my surgeon and therapist’s work that I decided to have the left shoulder done and specifically asked to return to the same therapist at Core Physical Therapy. It has been six months exactly since surgery, and I am again very happy with the results. The left is still a “work in progress but is about 90% of where I want it, and getting stronger and more flexible, with better and better range of motion all the time. I expect it to be 100% very soon, with good strength, ROM, flexibility, and no pain. I had had pain and weakness with limited ROM in the left shoulder for over 20 years, now I’m pain free. The fight was a chronic (skiing) injury but I can throw baseballs, shoot baskets, do all the things I enjoy. I just recommended my therapist to a friend of my teenage son, and have every confidence he will help anyone who come to him. Thanks Core!

Lee H. 3/2011

I went to physical therapy at Core from May 2010 until March 2011 after knee replacement surgery. I had complications and had surgery two more times on my knee during that time. The knowledge, experience and encouragement of the physical therapists at Core helped me deal with and recover from my unique problems after surgery. The entire staff was always professional and helpful. I would like to thank the staff at Core for helping me with a long and frustrating recovery. I would highly recommend Core to anyone needing professional Physical Therapy.

Mary J. 2/2011

I limped into my first physical therapy session after suffering a torn meniscus and being diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis in the knee…not what I wanted to hear at age 59. A very caring and encouraging therapist, taught me the leg strengthening exercises which have enabled me to move smarter and better, and his clear instruction facilitated their performance at home. He showed me how to go up and down stairs in a way to accommodate the arthritic knee and prevent pain. The therapist even critiqued my favorite shoes, and advised me that they were causing knee instability. Based upon his recommendation about what to look for in a shoe, I went shoe shopping. Walking in the new shoes confirmed he was absolutely right!

After six sessions at Core, I am confident that knee surgery will not be necessary in the near future. But when that day does come, I know that I will want to return to Core for my post-op physical therapy.

Kirk S. 2/2011

My experience at Core was excellent. All of the staff were professional and helpful, and there was lots of flexibility with appointment scheduling. I went to both the Terra Linda and Sausalito locations, both of which were warm, clean, and inviting. My therapist was excellent, he was exceptionally knowledgeable, professional, and encouraging, and in spite of having a condition that is severe and unique, he was able to facilitate me gaining increased function and range of motion. He also researched the pluses and minuses of two surgical options for my condition and provided me a summary of what he found, as well as recommending shoes that make it much easier for me to walk. Once again, I had a professional and excellent experience at CORE.

Vanessa T. 1/2011

I was referred to Core PT in early September after suffering a severe hamstring strain. This was not only the worst injury I had ever sustained but came on the heels of other health issues that required three surgeries in less than a year. I had just recovered and was able to be active again when the injury occurred. As an extremely active 43 year old mother of three who enjoys many outdoor activities and sports, I was more than disheartened with my situation and the prospect of a long recovery.

I was more than fortunate to come to Core PT. My physical therapist’s professionalism, knowledge, and encouragement were vital to my recovery process. As an athlete himself, my therapist was empathetic to my frustrations. That empathy coupled with his patience, good listening skills, and advice helped me get through the rough patches. Every time I finished a session I felt hopeful and motivated. He provided me with the tools I needed to continue with my recovery on my own. He inspired me to implement core work and stretching in my daily life (two components that were not a well liked or strong point of mine). More importantly, he aided me in becoming physically active again at the level I need and want. Along the way, he taught me self-patience that I hope will keep me from re-injuring myself.

I have had PT in the past, but it was not near the quality and care I received at CORE. I will recommend it to anyone I know needing P.T.! Four months after starting physical therapy (in which I couldn’t even walk without a limp or do any of the physical activities I love) at Core, I am able to walk/jog, hike for hours, swim a mile, enjoy gym workouts, rock climbing and biking! My therapist definitely had a tremendous impact on my recovery and success.

Joni H. 12/2010

As a patient of Core Physical Therapy I received excellent care for my rotator cuff of my right shoulder. I had lost much of my range of motion and was in a lot of pain. As I began my physical therapy sessions I was put at ease by my therapist’s calm and compassionate demeanor and assisted in my healing process. The process seemed slow and arduous, but was very effective. I cannot stress enough the importance of continued exercise as there was a point that I eased off the exercises and needless to say the healing regressed, but my therapist was patient and got me back on track. At this time I have regained almost full range of motion in my shoulder and have very little pain.

My therapist was an outstanding and dedicated professional endeavoring to attain the best for his patients, educating them and motivating them. Words alone cannot express how appreciative I am of him. With gratitude,

Maureen Z. 12/2010

If you have to go to physical therapy, I recommend the group at Core Physical Therapy. The therapists who worked with me to rehab my shoulder were professional, personable, and kind. They were knowledgeable about the healing process and worked diligently with me in a firm and gentle way. Physical therapy is hard enough, these professionals make it a process that is positive and hopeful. In healing my shoulder, they also healed my spirits! Thank you everyone at Core Physical Therapy, you do important and meaningful work!

Bill J. 11/2010

I have twice been referred for physical therapy by my primary doctor – both times to Core Physical Therapy in Marin. The first time was about 4 years ago for severe back pain. The therapist at Core gave me exercises that worked and made a difference. The pain went away and to this day I don’t have significant problems with the back – as long as I continue my exercise routine.

In 2009, my knees began hurting a lot, probably from years of jogging/running and basketball. I was sent to an orthopedist who told me I might have meniscus problems. I didn’t opt for an MRI or surgery yet, but did agree to physical therapy. My therapist at Core gave me a lot of exercises to strengthen parts of my body that needed it. These exercises helped and I gained strength, but after I went on three long hikes while camping, I was in great pain, which was later diagnosed as a torn meniscus. After surgery, I was sent back to Core for therapy. My knee with the surgery has recovered well. I attribute this to the skill of my surgeon, but also to my therapist at Core.

Greg B. 9/2010

“The Physical Therapist I worked with at CORE was head and shoulders above any Physical Therapist I have ever worked with during 25 years of chronic and acute back pain. The knowledge, experience, and expertise in combining treatments that get results separates the PT here from other professionals. I was helped with a debilitating back problem others could not figure out. What the PT did for me, and what I was taught to do for myself, has changed my life.”

Kenneth O. 9/2010

“At the outset of my coming into Core PT, I felt very self-conscious about my spine injury and body cast. My condition was weak at best, and my self-image was battered. After the first three sessions, I began to see improvement in strength, flexibility and endurance. My posture began to improve within a few short months. In addition my pain level has improved to the point I rarely need any medications. Overall the PT was an invaluable source of spine recovery, exercise, maintenance and method. This experience has unquestionably changed my recovery and life.”

Tom C. 8/2010

“I was recently directed to Core Physical Therapy after an MRI of my lower back showed serious deterioration; I am 66 years old and have not been kind to my body. I have had physical therapy a number of times over the years and was looking forward to this opportunity to see what is new and what will help me to continue an active lifestyle. My first visit was a fact finding adventure, my therapist was very articulate in all that he did sticking to the agenda, the therapist’s first question was about what I expected to gain from this PT series of visits; I thought about it and said that I wanted to carry a 50lb pack on a trip into the Sierra’s. One week after my final visit I carried a pack into the Sierra’s, which exceeded the maximum 50lb scale, with no back pain and better than normal sleep. On each of my visits I was given exercises and checked to see that I was performing them correctly and why. Also I brought my MRI results and my daily exercise schedule to be scrutinized and reduce the exercises to those beneficial to me. No time was wasted in performing exercises only creating a program of core building and protecting my body. This was a totally rewarding experience far exceeding what I had previously experienced.

Junko V. 8/2010

“I started going to Core Physical Therapy in Sausalito for my arm/shoulder pain about three months ago. They diagnosed me with having adhesive capsulitis. At that time, I was not able to move my arm even a few inches without pain. It was even painful to drive. Just within a few weeks of physical therapy, my shoulder started becoming much more flexible and was able to go back to the normal activities without much difficulty. I also appreciated the approach they have taken. It was not a one-way treatment. They really listened to me to understand my needs and lifestyle, and helped me to set a goal by putting together the program that works the best for me so that I can continue doing preventative exercises at home as well. They are also very professional and thorough.

Michelle O. 7/2010

First of all I like to mention that the staff and PT’s are great.  The compassion and knowledge was exceptional.  I would definitely recommend friends and family to Core PT.  I’ve been to other physical therapists in the past, Core PT is in a league of their own!!

Karen P. 7/2010

“I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for your caring and all of your expert help getting my shoulder motion back…The therapists were also extremely professional, helpful, and nice! Great crew!

Suzanne M. 7/2010

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your tremendous help in my road to recovery. I truly appreciated your kindness, caring attitude, and genuine concern for my health and well being. I was fortunate that you took my care, and was impressed with your knowledge and expertise from our first meeting. At that point, I knew I was in “excellent hands. …Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done to assist me in the healing process.

Faith D. 4/2010

“From my first contact with office staff through my last therapy session, the care and service I received at Core Physical Therapy was fantastic. The office is run very efficiently; making appointments was quick and easy and the reception staff was very pleasant and helpful. The physical therapist who worked with me is a top-notch professional as well as being very personable and easy to talk to. He conducted a thorough evaluation prior to beginning my therapy and I felt he really listened to my concerns. The therapy provided was very effective in relieving my symptoms and he explained everything so I was able to understand the problem, the cause of the problem, and why he was prescribing those particular exercises….My experience as a patient at Core Physical Therapy was pleasant and productive and I highly recommend them.

Gary L. 04/2010

Just a note to say thank you very much for leading me through the rigors of physical therapy. You’re great!

Frederick S. 3/2010

I would highly recommend Core PT to anyone needing physical therapy. The physical therapist assigned to me was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly; and always took the time to explain what the expectations were. I was referred to CORE PT by my physician to rehabilitate my shoulder, which had undergone rotator cuff surgery. I truly believe that because of the program my physical therapist had suggested for me, my shoulder actually regained flexibility and strength ahead of schedule. Even my surgeon commented on the speed of my recovery, which I attribute to the regiment that was given to me by my physical therapist.

Kiren N. 2/2010

I started physical therapy with severe pain in my neck and arm due to a herniated disc. Upon working with my therapist the pain has been completely alleviated. I feel great and I was even able to cancel the appointments for the steroid shots originally prescribed by my doctor. I felt my therapist took a careful, gentle, yet very effective approach and I couldn’t be happier with my experience, and highly recommend the staff at CORE PT. Thank you!

Dave G. 5/2009

Just a quick note to thank the staff at Core for all your help in rehabilitating my knee. I will remember fondly everyone’s positive attitude and humor which helped me deal with the discomfort and stay the course. I am continuing to do the exercises you taught me and I look forward patiently to the day when I regain near full use of my leg. My best also to the front desk staff, who were always helpful and courteous to me.

Samar H. 4/2009

Everyone I have worked with there is wonderful! I went there a few years ago for a a knee injury and now for my back and they are great. They explained everything to me so I really understood what was wrong. They are very patient and helpful when I have questions or need more explanation. Great group of people!

Jim L. 3/2009

This note is to confirm how extremely pleased I am at the result obtained at CORE to treat my surgically repaired shoulder. The care I received could not have been more professional or considerate. I entered treatment in a great deal of pain and finished with a full range of motion. In the process I gained an appreciation for how difficult it is to treat this kind of problem. Please accept my sincere appreciation for the way my treatment was handled and I will be happy to recommend the services of CORE for anyone with a similar problem. Please feel free to share this with the world.

Jamie X. 3/2009

“I could not have ‘walked’ again without the staff at CORE PT!! As a nurse I am on my feet during most of my working hours, and critically needed my foot surgery to be successful. My therapist knew I still had a problem and encouraged me to return to my M.D. Then I had a second surgery and physical therapy got me back walking! In every injury I have always asked for physical therapy as soon as possible. CORE PT got me moving again from post-surgical apprehension to confidence. I highly recommend the staff at CORE PT.”

Debbie D. 2/2009

“I have been coming to CORE PT for rehab on my knee. Not only are they a very professional outfit, they have a wonderful friendly atmosphere. I would highly recommend CORE PT and consider myself lucky to have had them for my physical therapy.”

Louise G. 12/2008

“I am writing to inform you of the excellent services provided to me by your staff regarding a 30 year old injury in my lower back. With strengthening exercises and techniques loosening my stiffened muscles, the therapist was able to solve a nasty problem for me (when I came, I had to use both of my hands to turn in bed!). Finally, the therapist was very professional and cordial, as was all of your staff.”

Melissa P. 08/2008

“I started with Core Physical Therapy after shoulder surgery… the staff was friendly and very professional. They answered my concerns with their full attention. I am leaving with confidence and so much stronger… My therapist was extremely knowledgeable and pushed me when I needed it – I am very impressed!”

Brenda G. 05/2008

“In November I had surgery for a torn labrum due to years of volleyball playing and one block too many. Surgery went well, but I ended up with a frozen shoulder – known as adhesive capsulitis. In late November I could not lift my arm at all, even opening the refrigerator was beyond my abilities. When I tried to lift my arm, my shoulder, arm and scapula all moved together in one piece and hardly at all. My doctor and a different physical therapist said it would be 18 months to 2 years before I would have full use of my arm and shoulder again – I was initially hoping to be back on the courts in two months from the surgery! I started working at Core Physical Therapy in San Rafael in late November…Over time I regained my complete range of motion – with very little pain at physical therapy…now I can do nearly everything I could before surgery – I played my first volleyball game the first week of May. I still have some strength to build up in my shoulder before I am really smashing the ball again, but everything works! Thanks to all the folks at Core Physical Therapy”

Marcia M. 03/2008

“Working with (Core) professionals resulted in greater mobility, a decreased need for pain medications, and the return to a productive life”

Francine M. 03/2008

“Many thanks for your kindness and patience through my painful and challenging ankle rehabilitation…”

Craig G. 02/2008

“I want to thank your staff for the excellent care I received. All performed wonderfully from the front office to the therapists…”

Candy K. 10/2007

“This is a top-notch PT group – and I have seen many. From front desk to PTs, everyone is extremely personable, professional, knowledgeable, and shows genuine concern for the patient. The facility itself is very clean with state-of-the-art equipment and modalities. I would never go anywhere else!”

Nick L. 05/2007

“I want you all to know how much I valued each one of you as you worked with both of my knees after ACL and right knee replacement. You all know “your stuff” and I learned so much about muscles and exercises, thinking I knew it all after being a “jock” all these years. Thanks again for the rehab, all your good advice, and the very best to each one of you…”

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