Biomechanical Running Analysis

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We currently offer a specialty training program for runners. 
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Core Performance: Running Program

The goal of a running assessment is to identify any biomechanical faults, limitations, or inefficiencies that restrict a runner’s ability to perform at his or her peak level. The evaluator will identify dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system (including muscle imbalances, joint restrictions, motor control impairments) and areas of weakness that are contributing to an inefficient running pattern, and determine the best course of action to improve identified faults.

biomechanical running analysis

What is included in the running assessment?

  • One-on-one physical examination to assess joint restrictions, strength, and stability specific to the runner.
  • 3 view (profile, posterior, and ankle/foot) video analysis of running form
  • Video analysis of performance of dynamic functional movements (e.g., squats, drop jumps, etc)
  • Cadence assessment
  • Recommendation on proper shoe type for running style
  • Digital analysis of the running evaluation (includes assessment of running technique, observed areas of limitations, video of running analysis, and photographs)
  • Individualized drills/exercises (up to 4) with written instructions to improve running performance based upon the evaluation findings

How long is the running assessment?

  • 60 minutes

Who will perform the running assessment?

  • All running assessments are performed by a licensed physical therapist who has undergone specific training in this area of sports performance.

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