Description: Functional strengthening class that targets the muscles that comprise the “core”, and how to properly engage them without breath-holding/bearing down (Valsalva). Class is designed with a “fitness class” format set to music, and includes a short warm-up with breathing exercises, static and dynamic exercises emphasizing neutral spine for both floor work and upright positions, and may also incorporate barre work and free-style movment across the floor, followed by a short cool down.

Target audience: Individuals seeking to develop proper breathing and activation patterns of the “core” muscles, including the abdominals. Participants must be ambulatory with ability to get on/off the floor and move across the floor independently, and be free from any musculoskeletal or medical conditions that might be aggravated by, or contraindicated for, light to moderate-intensity cardio, strength, and endurance exercise.

Recommended dress: Comfortable athletic clothing and shoes with non-slip soles.

Equipment: Please bring your own towel and exercise mat for floor work portions of class.

Duration: 50 min

Primary Instructors**: Angela Savelli, DPT, OCS and Nicholas Verville, DPT

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