Description: High intensity strengthening class designed for athletes and those seeking a more challenging work out for the core musculature. Exercises focus on functional, whole body movements designed to strengthen the core musculature, as well as other large muscle groups used during vigorous physical activity, including sports. Format includes a dynamic warm-up designed to prime the body for the more intense core exercises that follow, complete with a series of stretches at the end.

Target Audience: Athletes and individuals seeking high-intensity work for the core musculature. Participants should be free of any musculoskeletal or medical conditions that might be aggravated by, or contraindicated for this level of strength training.

Recommended Dress: Comfortable athletic clothing and shoes with non-slip soles.

Equipment: Please bring your own towel and exercise mat

Duration: 50 minutes

Primary Instructors**: Angela Savelli, DPT, OCS and Nicholas Verville, DPT

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