Description: Exercises in this stretch class are designed to lengthen the muscles and promote/enhance joint range of motion. Good joint range of motion is crucial for optimal muscle length/tension relationships. A restricted joint limits the muscle’s ability to lengthen and contract, ultimately reducing its ability to function effectively. Format includes warm-up and diaphragmatic breathing for relaxation, as well as static and dynamic stretches during floor and barre work.

Target audience: Individuals seeking to learn diaphragmatic breathing for relaxation and and enhance joint range of motion and muscle flexibility. Participants must be ambulatory with ability to get on/off the floor and move across the floor independently, and be free from any musculoskeletal or medical conditions that might be aggravated by, or contraindicated for, light intensity movement, or whose postinjury/post-surgery protocols specifically limit range of motion.

Recommended dress: Comfortable athletic clothing with bare feet or shoes with non-slip soles

Equipment: Please bring your own towel and exercise mat for floor work portions of class.

Duration: 50 min

Primary Instructor**: Kris Wittman, OT/L, MPT, CEAS

Please Note: Fitness classes, orthopedic massage, personal training, and biomechanical running analyses are not considered skilled physical therapy, and therefore, are not covered by medical insurance. However, some health savings account plans (HSA) do reimburse for the cost of gym memberships and fitness/health/wellness classes and/or services. We recommend checking with your employer’s human resources department for further information about this benefit.

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