Tai Chi – Qi Gong for Health

Description: Tai Chi and Qi Gong are some of the most widely known exercise forms originating from ancient Chinese medical and martial arts. Tai chi combines slow, gentle flowing movements, body awareness, imagery and attention to breathing. Qi, pronounced “chee”, refers to an energy force that (according to Chinese philosophy), flows through the body.

The Tai Chi – Qi Gong for Health class is based on the Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) program developed by Dr. Paul Lam, family physician and respected Tai Chi expert. Endorsed by the CDC, National Council on Aging, and Arthritis foundations worldwide, TCA is suitable for all ages and health conditions. The forms include a combination of Yang and Sun style Tai Chi, containing unique Qi Gong and agile stepping, to cultivate relaxation, stress relief, improve physical function, and build the immune system.

Target audience: Tai Chi is a gentle exercise format that is suitable for older adults, individuals with chronic diseases, and cancer survivors. The Tai Chi for Health class is an excellent class for the beginner who has no experience with Tai Chi, or those who would like to learn a short form that is easy to practice daily.

Recommended dress: Comfortable clothing; shoes with non-slip soles

Duration: 50 min

Instructor: Leela Satyendra, PT, DPT, Body Work Practitioner, Board Certified Practitioner in Tai Chi for Rehabilitation and Tai Chi for Arthritis

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