Earth Day is April 22nd: 8 Awesome Ways to Celebrate and Show Your Love to the Earth

How to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to show our appreciation to Mother Nature. Read on to learn how to celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day has become a global event that over 1 billion people participate in. It’s a day to acknowledge our impact on the planet and try to make it right.  

What are you doing on April 22 this year?

There are hundreds of awesome ways to get green on Earth Day. You don’t have to do what everyone else does. All that matters is you recognize your own impact and work on improving it.

If you’re wondering how to celebrate Earth Day this year, keep reading. Here are 8 fun ways to reduce your footprint.

1. Unplug Everything

One of the most well-known Earth Day initiatives is unplugging every device in your home. That includes televisions, ovens, and phone chargers.

Electricity is usually a non-renewable resource. Fossil fuels like coal and oil get burned to create it.

Appliances and devices continue to drain power even when they’re turned off. 75 percent of the electricity most homes use comes from plugged in-turned-off appliances.

Not only will unplugging save you some money on your bills, but it’ll reduce the electricity your house uses. Consider switching to renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

2. DIY Home and Body Products

Many of the products you use in your home are bad for the environment. Cleaning products, shampoos, and body wash get used and then go down the drain.

The chemicals in these products pollute the water source they enter. And, they’re usually sold in plastic containers which don’t biodegrade or get reused.

This Earth Day, try making your own products out of natural ingredients. Make a floor cleaner from castile soap, vinegar, and essential oils. Make a hair conditioner from apple cider vinegar and coconut oil.

Give these DIY recipes a try on Earth Day. Store them in reusable containers. You might even like them better than the store-bought options.

3. Plant Something, Anything!

Life exists on Earth because we have oxygen to breathe. But, as forests get demolished, less oxygen gets produced.

Counteract the deforestation of the world by planting something this Earth Day. While planting a tree is an awesome idea, even smaller plants make a difference.

Planting wildflowers increase the biodiversity of the areas they’re planted in. Wildflowers attract the native pollinators, mammals, and insects back into the area.

Consider planting a vegetable garden in your backyard. Eating what you grow yourself reduces your carbon footprint and chemical consumption.

4. Meatless Meals

The meat industry is responsible for an exorbitant amount of pollution. If meat is part of your regular diet, consider going without it this Earth Day.

Find a new and exciting vegetarian recipe to make for dinner.

You might even notice you feel lighter and have easier digestion after. For many people, a meat-free diet is a healthier one. Many commit to Meatless Mondays to simply decrease their consumption of meat.  

5. Watch a Documentary

Looking for Earth Day inspiration? The global movement to a greener planet has resulted in tons of shows and movies. There are hundreds of environmental documentaries to check out.

Here are some popular green-docs to consider:

  • Chasing Ice
  • The True Cost
  • Forks Over Knives
  • Cowspiracy
  • The 11th Hour

This is an awesome way to learn something new for Earth Day. Healing our planet will take more than recycling. Use all the different documentaries available online to teach yourself.

6. Leave the Car at Home

You already know how bad car emissions are for the air. Cars contribute to a carbon-filled atmosphere which puts our future in jeopardy.

Luckily, the rise of sustainably-energized cars is racing to solve the problem. Until then, reduce your car dependence.

Try walking or biking to work on Earth Day. Take public transit or carpool with your coworkers.

Consider writing a letter or email to your government. Tell them you want better, greener, transportation options. Urge them to make safer bike routes and lanes and improve the public transport system.

7. Clean Up Your Neighborhood

This is a fun idea if you have children. Kids love Earth Day because they have a deep connection to animals and nature. It’s where they play soccer, build forts, and chase their dogs.

Take your kids on an evening stroll with garbage and recycling bags. Teach them about the difference between the two and collect litter.

Not only will this make your neighborhood cleaner, but you’ll be guiding the next generation. Let’s leave this planet better than we found it for our kids.

8. Share Your Green Ideas

Thanks to the wonderful world of social media, we have more influence over our peers than ever. If you’re doing something for Earth Day, share it on your feeds.

You could have followers who don’t understand the importance of recycling e-waste. Or, the benefits of eating locally and decreasing meat consumption.

When you share your Earth Day activities, you can educate the people around you.

Consider making a post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter about your initiatives. You could even do a live video to get further in depth on the topic. Support others who do the same with your likes, comments, and engagement.

Still Wondering How to Celebrate Earth Day This Year?

You may think that your individual actions don’t matter. But they do. When everyone gets together on a special day to make a difference, all the small actions add up.

Instead of wondering how to celebrate Earth Day, celebrate all year. Green resolutions are the different ways you commit to change your impact on the planet.  
If you make green resolutions this Earth Day, learn how to keep them. Make a lasting impact on the Earth by celebrating it every day, not just on April 22.

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