If a corrected claim needs to be submitted, what information, aside from the corrected information, is needed?

Meritage no longer asks providers to stamp or write the word “corrected” on CMS-1500 paper form, corrected claim submissions. However, claims do need to contain the correct billing code to help us identify when a claim is being submitted to correct or void a claim that we’ve previously processed. Additional information about the CMS-1500 claim form is available by visiting the National Uniform Claim Committee website at www.nucc.org. Please share this information with your practice management software vendor, as well as your billing service or clearinghouse, if applicable.

Correcting or Voiding Electronic CMS-1500 Claims:

  • Enter Claim Frequency Type code (billing code) 7 for a replacement/correction, or 8 to void a prior claim, in the 2300 loop in the CLM*05 03.
  • Enter the original claim number in the 2300 loop in the REF*F8*.

Correcting or Voiding Paper CMS-1500 Claims

  • Indicate your submission is a Corrected Claim in Box 22 and Box 22A
    • Box 22- Value 7 For Corrected and 8 For Void.
    • 22A- You will need to reference Meritage Medical Network’s original claim number.
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