Central Valley

Serving Fresno and Madera Counties

We help doctors provide seamless healthcare to patients. And we do this by using technology and people to better support physicians, so they can focus on the joy of practicing medicine. Together with Babylon Health, we’re reimagining quality, efficiency and the patient experience.

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 Find enrollment information and instructions on how to choose First Choice Medical Group Managed by Meritage Medical Network.

What Makes Us Different

Medicare Members

Whether you’re about to turn 65 or approaching retirement, understanding Medicare, a federal health insurance plan, will help you make important decisions on the kinds of health coverage that best fit your needs.

Getting Started



As a patient of First Choice Medical Group, you have access to our network of leading primary care physicians, specialists and hospitals as well as highly-trained care managers, nurses and social workers.

Care Program and Services


As a physician, you have incredible demands on your time. And you’re frequently asked to take on more administrative tasks. That’s why we take care of your admin burden, so you can focus your energy on patient care.

Help for Providers

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