Introducing the Healthcare 360 Employee Wellness Selfie Challenge

At Meritage Medical Network, we value the health of our employees. We strive to continue to find new ways to motivate participation in the Employee Wellness Spring Challenge for Q2, so we’ve added another way for you to participate and earn a prize!

Introducing the Wellness Selfie Challenge!

During the Month of June we want to see your photos of you being the healthiest you can be! Snap a selfie while participating in a Meritage Wellness Activity on or offsite, while you’re on a hike, on a treadmill, or even drinking a green smoothie! For every selfie you submit, you’ll be entered into the #Wellness Challenge drawing, for a chance to win a $100.00 Visa Gift Card!


There are two ways you can submit selfies for the Wellness Selfie Challenge:

  1. Post your selfie to social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) and include these hashtags #MeritageMed #Healthcare360 #WellnessSelfieChallenge (don’t forget the hashtags – if you don’t use them we won’t be able to find your post!)
  2. Send your selfie to


Guidelines for the challenge:

  1. You must submit a true selfie to be eligible for the challenge. A Selfie is a picture that you take of yourself typically by using a camera on your smartphone.
  2. We encourage staff to show off their Meritage Swag when taking their selfies.

In addition, if you are participating in an off-site Meritage Approved Wellness Activity, you can show your selfie to Lynn Cibrian to earn your swirl sticker for the Q2 Spring Challenge!

We are excited to support each and every one of our employee’s initiatives to staying healthy. Keep an eye out, your selfie may be even featured on our website or social media!

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