How to Keep Your Resolutions

At the start of every New Year, people resolve to become better versions of themselves. Whether you are resolving to be healthier, kinder or more hardworking, it’s important to keep those resolutions! Up to 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, and less than half of that population keeps their resolutions for more than six months!


1. Be Realistic, Set Small Goals
Make sure to set realistic, attainable goals for yourself! At first, set small, achievable goals and continue building off of each goal! This helps you stay on track and not get discouraged!

2. Keep Track of Your Efforts
Keep a journal of your journey, write down your daily or weekly goals on a white board or start a blog! Keeping track of your journey will help you stay focused.

3. Stay Motivated
Staying inspired throughout the year will definitely help you stay on track to meet your goals! Try hanging up some inspirational photos at your desk or in your home, follow some motivational Instagram & Twitter pages and make sure to share your journey with friends & family!

4. Reward Yourself
Giving yourself a small reward for meeting weekly or monthly goals will keep you motivated to stay the course! Doesn’t a massage, pedicure or night out with friends sound worth it?

For more information on how to stay healthy, give us a call at (800)874-0840, or check out our wellness classes for help meeting all of your health goals for 2016!

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