March Kindness

Guest post by Julie Pepper Lim, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Meritage Medical Network.

Kindness. We’re focusing on kindness for March by replacing March Madness with March Kindness. The official World Kindness Day isn’t until November 19th, but we figured if we got started early, we might inspire each other to be kind for all the months leading up to November 19th. Here at Meritage Medical Network, we have peppered our walls with practical random acts of kindness, taping them up around the office. Everywhere you look there’s a bright little reminder of something you could do to be kind.

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

Scott Adams

Little gestures go a long way, like leaving extra quarters at the laundromat or sending someone a list of all their positive qualities, leaving a surprise in your mailbox for your mail carrier, or writing 52 thank you notes each year, one every week to a different person. These are just a few ideas from the Random Acts of Kindness website, but you’d be surprised how seeing them around your place of work, can inadvertently bring a smile to your face. And don’t forget, smiling is an act of kindness because it can become contagious, spreading smiles throughout your day.

“Kindness is like water coloring. Even the smallest drop of paint in the water turns the whole thing colorful.”


Being kind shouldn’t wait for a month. Do a random act of kindness, share a story, carry a quote, find something that defines kindness for you, and share it with the people and planet around you. The world isn’t always kind, but every bit of kindness we can bring to it can make it kinder.

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