Meet Marcy Norenius

marcyName: Marcy Norenius
Role: Director of Special Projects/ ACO Project Manager

Marcy Norenius has been an employee of Meritage Medical Network for 8 ½ years. During that time, she has worn many hats, but central to everything she does is her passion for public health. Currently, she is the Director of Special Projects and the ACO Project Manager for Meritage.

“I enjoy the role — learning more about the company and all facets of my work. It’s a great company. I feel I have a lot of autonomy to be creative when I need it, but I also feel like I have the support I need to do my job. I enjoy working with the staff here; we have a really great board and a visionary boss, really. He’s an excellent leader, and we’re always moving forward in a cutting-edge direction.”

Initially working with Meritage as a Public Relations Coordinator, the transition into being Director of Special Projects and ACO Project Manager came quite naturally: “My role continued to grow as PR Coordinator, and eventually I was made Director of Special Projects. It’s a very broad position, encompassing marketing, PR, working with quality programs, event coordination, and basically whatever the CEO needs. With my new role as ACO Project Manager I’m making sure our ACO workplan is moving forward, that we’re on track and meeting our goals. It’s really important work we are doing and really innovative, exciting, and fun for me because of my background in public health.”

Marcy keeps busy at work, but makes time for her family and two-year-old daughter. An active woman, she enjoys dance class, yoga, traveling whenever possible, and being outside in beautiful Marin.

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