Men’s Health Awareness

Guest post by Julie Pepper Lim, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Meritage Medical Network.

Each June, Meritage Medical Network takes a moment to celebrate Men’s Health Awareness Month. Men’s Health Awareness Month is all about bringing awareness to preventable health problems and encouraging early detection of treatable diseases. We celebrate by making healthy choices with the men and boys in our lives.

Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death for men in the USA. 1 in 4 men die every year of cardiovascular disease—that’s more than cancer and diabetes combined. Learning about the different types of cardiovascular disease and your family’s history of cardiac events, can be helpful in preventing heart disease.

With this in mind, there are so many ways to encourage healthy living, from food choices, to exercise, to prevention care. Maybe it’s just making one change to your diet or trying a new healthy food. Maybe Men’s Health Month is just the reason you and your loved ones need to cut back your consumption of alcohol and sugar. It could even be as simple as getting active and playing a round of golf or taking a yoga class!

Stress reduction is another key aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Consider setting up a massage, or just taking a break from your regular activities to meditate.

Lastly, if you haven’t already, make sure that you and the men in your life have scheduled their annual doctor’s appointments or physicals. Additionally, CDC is a great resource to learn more about the diseases that impact men like heart disease, different types of cancer and depression.

This month and every month, let’s celebrate the men in our lives and do what we can to bring awareness to their health and well-being.

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