8 Proven Health Benefits of Working Out in The Morning

If you need another reason to workout this year, here are 8 proven health benefits of working out in the morning.

Do you workout first thing in the morning?

If not, you might want to think about adjusting your schedule. Working out in the morning has a lot of great benefits above and beyond the typical health and endorphin boost that comes with working out.

Keep reading to learn more why working out in the morning is good for you, and tips for how you can make getting out of bed a little less painful.

Eight Reasons Why Working Out In The Morning Is Good For You

Working out isn’t always going to be easy, but the benefits outweigh the hassle of dragging yourself out of bed. Here are eight reasons why working out in the morning will give you better fitness results:

1. You’ll Be More Consistent

A lot of us want to get into an exercise routine, but struggle to find consistency. It turns out that working out in the morning might be the key to finding a routine that actually works.

Experts say that those who work out in the morning are more likely to make it a habit. This is probably because if working out is the first thing on your to-do list, there aren’t many things that can pop up and cause a distraction.

Once you’re consistent at working out, you’ll be able to tap deeper into all the health benefits that exercise offers. If you struggle to get up in the morning, set multiple alarms, pack your gym bag the night before and have your coffee pot ready to go in the morning.

Once you get in the habit of going to the gym in the morning for just a few weeks, your body won’t be so shocked by the early wake-up call.

2. You’ll Get Better Sleep at Night

Getting at least eight hours of sleep per night has a lot of benefits, but some of us struggle to hit that number. It turns out that exercising in the morning could help you get better sleep the next night.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, people who worked out on a treadmill at seven in the morning experienced deeper sleep that night and spent 75 percent more time in the reparative stages of sleep, compared to those who exercised later on in the day.

3. You’ll Get Stronger

Getting stronger is probably one of the reasons why you were exercising in the first place. Getting up early to do your workout can help you with that goal. When you first get out of bed, your testosterone levels are at the highest they’ll be all day.

This extra testosterone will help you crush your workout and build more muscle after it’s over. So if you’re working out and not seeing the muscles you want, try working out earlier in the day.

4. You’ll Lose More Fat

The only thing better than gaining lean muscle is losing stubborn fat. Once again, exercising in the morning is the way to get your body to burn more fat than it would normally.

Key might be in not eating breakfast before you hit the gym if you want to lose the most fat. A study from the British Journal of Nutrition discovered that exercising on an empty stomach (often called fasted cardio) can help the body burn 20 percent more fat than those who ate before their workout.

5. You’ll Protect Yourself From Serious Health Problems

We all know that exercise at any time of the day prevents health problems such as heart disease and obesity. But working out in the morning might have added benefits for your heart and the rest of your body.

For example, you’ll lower your blood pressure. Appalachian State University found that people who worked out at seven in the morning reduced their blood pressure by ten percent, and their blood pressure continued to drop throughout the day.

You might also protect yourself from getting diabetes. The Journal of Psychology reported a study that found participants who exercised on an empty stomach (compared to those who ate carbs before the workout) showed increased glucose tolerance. Again, you’ll need to work out on an empty stomach, which is a lot easier at 6 a.m. than 6 p.m.

6. You’ll Be More Active During the Rest of the Day

A study conducted by Brigham Young University found that people who exercised first thing in the morning stayed more active throughout the day. It looks like the morning workout inspires you to keep moving for the rest of the day.

It also might give you more energy, which helps you choose to walk more or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

7.  You’ll Eat Less

If you’re trying to lose weight, exercise is great, but it really boils down to how much you eat. You can work out all you want, but if you eat those calories back throughout the day you won’t find any weight loss success.

The good news is, working out in the morning can help you eat less for the rest of the day. A psychology study published in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal found that women who worked out in the morning had less of a neurological response to images of tasty food. So working out in the morning might be the key to curbing cravings later on.

8. You’ll Feel Better About Yourself

Exercise impacts everyone differently, but there’s no debating that exercise gives you endorphins, which help to boost your mood long after you’ve left the gym. This all-natural confidence boost will help you feel better about yourself and help you tackle the day.

Getting a workout before the sun is even up will make you feel accomplished. So, even if you can’t get anything else done that day, at least you’ve done something for yourself. This fact might seem small, but it’ll make a big difference in your perspective on how the rest of the day goes.

Treat Your Body Better This Year

Working out in the morning has a lot of great benefits for your body. If you’re determined to make some healthy changes this year, check out the rest of our website for more health tips.

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