National Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Guest post by Julie Pepper Lim, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Meritage Medical Network.

At Meritage Medical Network, we love “National Bring Your Dog to Work Day”, which occurs every year on June 21st. To celebrate this year, our very own Julie Lim wrote a blog from the perspective of her favorite four-legged friend.

I remember last year, as if it was yesterday. First of all, she usually says, “Good-bye, Sweet girl,” I’ll see you after work, but this time, she said, “Get busy, you’re coming with me!”

After I stepped outside for my morning ritual and came back in for a delicious breakfast, off we went!

The sights, the smells, the warm breeze through my hair, all alerted me this would be a special day. We walked in and there were humans everywhere, attached by leashes to us, their significant others. 

Led around the interior of the building meeting and greeting, sniffing and sizing each other up, I was excited to see so many of my own kind, not necessarily from my country of origin, Havana, but you know the best friend kind, that walk on all fours, sleep, eat, talk in bark, and seem to make the humans smile and talk in those funny voices.

Once we settled in, she tied me to her chair, which still gave me the latitude to lie just outside her cubicle and watch all the action go by. People and their best friends walking and talking and carrying that stuff that I love to chew on and rip to pieces when they leave it lying about.

And then we were moving, again, into another room with more chairs and a table with more of the chewy stuff. I liked it here, because I didn’t have to be tied up and could lie around under the table or greet people at the door as they entered. One of the people even took me outside to get busy, which was extremely satisfying because clearly others of my kind had been here before me.

Usually, I find it very comforting to get up in the morning, scratch my back on the cool tile by the fireplace, go outside, eat my breakfast, and go back to bed, but today made me wonder why I didn’t do this thing more often.

What would happen next? Well, they seemed to be rotating the chewy stuff into different piles and slapping them together with this somewhat soothing and rhythmic clicking sound. Eventually the door opened again, and who should be standing there waiting for me to lick her face, but my sister?! I love her! Well, to say the least, I was beside myself, talking and jumping and doing a little dance in a circle. Then before I knew it, my leash was in her hand and off we were going to yet another adventure?! By the time we got home, I have to admit, I was exhausted. A little dinner, some outside time and off to bed for me.

National Bring Your Dog to Work Day is June 21st. Make it a special day. We’ve started to make it a regular event, here, at Meritage Medical Network!

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