Nip Spring Allergies in the Bud

Spring has sprung! With spring, comes her close friend spring allergies. If you want to nip spring allergies in the bud, you first need to find out what causes sneezes and sore throats, and learn how to prevent them.

Problematic Pollen
Many of us make it through a harsh winter, only to get to lovely spring and get bombarded with sniffles, itchy eyes – and worse, sinus infections. Seasonal allergies affect up to 50 million people in the country.

Pollen is the most common culprit behind spring time allergies. It’s dust and mold that stick around indoors all year to bring about symptoms. These allergens are typically harmless—but our immune system sees them as dangerous, and thus releases histamine, which dilates blood vessels and causes eyes to water, skin to itch, and sinuses to congest. Reacting to allergies is largely dependant upon genetics – which is the reason you might be sneezing up a storm, and your partner seems peachy keen.

Kick Allergens to the Curb

As temperature rise, pollen is released, making our immune system jump-start its action plan to react against the allergens (bring on the watery eyes!). Luckily, you can fight back! Here are some of our favorite tips:

1. Stay cool.
Shut the windows and turn up your air-conditioning to keep pollen out of your house. Don’t use a fan – they just blow dust around – making allergies even worse!

2. Stay out of the wind.
Imagine suffering from pollen allergies in static air. Now, imagine suffering from pollen allergies in the wind. Pollen gets picked up in the wind and flown straight into your airsteam. News flash: Pollen travels. If it’s windy outside, do yourself a favor and stay indoors until it calms down.

3. Try artificial grass.
Your backyard can make your allergy worse, especially when you have to maintain it. Try using synthetic artificial grass for your home landscaping.

4. Rock some shades.
Sunglasses aren’t just for blocking out the sun – they can also block out the pollen!

5. Shower Time!
If you’ve been outside, make sure to take a shower before you go to bed. This will rinse off any allergens that may be stuck to your body and help you get a better night’s sleep.

6. Eat clean.
Certain foods have been thought to help fight spring allergies. Try eating more nuts, apples, fish, red grapes, and tomatoes.

7. Take some medicine.
There are lost of effective over the counter treatments for spring allergies like eye drops or oral antihistamines. Taking some extra vitamin C for an immunity boost is sure to help as well.

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