October Is Physical Therapy Month: Learn about CORE Physical Therapy

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National Physical Therapy Month is held each October to recognize and celebrate the positive impact that physical therapists and physical therapist assistants have on patients each and every day. In light of this celebration, we want to highlight our own wonderful physical therapy group: CORE Physical Therapy.

Broadly, physical therapy is concerned with an individual’s mobility, movement, and quality of life. Many afflictions can limit a person’s mobility, including injury, disease, recovery from surgery, and aging. The dedicated CORE staff treats these issues and more, creating specific programs and interventions that meet each patient’s unique needs.

Some of the services CORE provides include:

  • Sport-specific rehabilitation
  • Client education for posture or injury prevention
  • Assessment andremediation for daily activities after an impairment
  • Increased strength and range of motion exercise programs

In addition to specialized treatment programs, CORE offers courses such as Chairfit, prenatal exercise classes, and even balance and fall prevention classes for all Meritage members.

National Physical Therapy Month this year specifically focuses on healthy aging, including managing pain, maintaining mobility, and preserving independence. CORE’s Balance and Fall Prevention class is dedicated to ensuring that older individuals are able to manage one of the biggest injury risks in their lives: slips and falls.

Regardless of age or affliction, our licensed physical therapy professionals at CORE are dedicated to assessing your needs and designing a therapy program that works for you. With locations in San Rafael and Sausalito, CORE’s offices are convenient and easily accessible for members in our network. We invite you to learn more about CORE and the passionate staff that work in their offices.

Curious about what former patients have to say? Just ask Margie:

I feel most fortunate in having had the opportunity to use CORE Physical Therapy for rehabilitation of an extremely severe hamstring strain. Kris was both knowledgeable and intuitive in her approach to my therapy. She incorporated a program specifically designed with my needs and goals in mind using her keen sense of restorative and kinetic understanding. 

Kris has been instrumental in my progress to gain strength, balance, and flexibility, thus bringing a new awareness to all my workouts. She encouraged my success with her positive attitude and attentiveness. 

CORE Physical Therapy has allowed me to return to the activities I had lost hope of ever doing again. Through Kris’s dedication I feel as though I have been given a second chance to be better and stronger. 

Thank you CORE and Kris for setting the highest standards of physical rehabilitation and care for your clients.

You can check out more patient testimonials here, and don’t hesitate to contact CORE Physical Therapy directly if you have any questions about their services.

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