7 Reasons to Use Meritage Medical Network When Choosing a New Primary Care Physician

Fewer and fewer Americans have a primary care physician, according to a recent study.

If this is you, now is the time to find one.

Having a primary care physician is important for your health now and in the future. A physician who knows your medical history can help you with preventive medicine and better treat you when you get sick.

Meritage Medical Network can help you find a primary care physician. We make it easy to find a doctor who’s the right fit for you.

1. Physician-Led Network

Enrolling in a plan that includes Meritage Medical Network means that you benefit from an integrated approach to health care. Our network includes physicians, hospitals, labs, physical therapists, and other services. You benefit from coordinated care no matter which services you need to access.

Meritage is the only physician-led network in NorCal. Our Board of Directors is entirely made up of physicians (link to web page of board) and we are physician owned; this ensures that we always place our patients’ needs first. Our practices, policies, and procedures are all designed in a way that supports physicians doing what they do best – taking care of you.


2. Board-Certified Physicians

All of our physicians are board-certified. Board certification is an exam after a physician receives their medical degree. The American Board of Medical Specialties oversees and regulates this process. Doctors receive extensive training in a specialty like dermatology, surgery, or sports medicine. After completing this specialty training, the physician must pass an exam.

To maintain board certification, physicians must meet several conditions:

  • Continue to keep their knowledge up-to-date
  • Participate in ongoing professional development
  • Demonstrate that they work to improve patient care
  • Meet the highest professional standards
  • Perform well on an exam periodically 

Board certification helps ensure that your primary care physician is offering you the most current medical techniques and the highest level of care.

3. Award-Winning Patient Care and Service

We don’t just say we focus on patient care. We have received awards for clinical quality, patient satisfaction, and health technology.

We value our practitioners and do everything possible to help them serve you better. We made the list of best places to work in NorCal in 2018 and 2019. We have also been recognized as one of the Bay Area’s healthiest employers.

When your primary care physician works in a supportive and positive environment, they are better able to focus on you and your health.

4. Large, Comprehensive Network

Meritage Medical Network includes over 700 physicians and 8 hospitals in addition to other medical services like labs. We serve Marin, Sonoma, and Napa counties. You are sure to find a primary care physician with a location convenient to you.

We partner with many health insurance plans including Blue Shield of California, Cigna, United Healthcare, and Anthem BlueCross. We also work with Medicare Advantage plans from UnitedHealthcare and HealthNet. 

5. Choose a Family Practitioner or Internist as Your Primary Care Physician

When you start searching our network for a primary care physician, you’ll see you have a lot of choices. One factor to consider is whether you want a family (general) practitioner or an internist.

Family practitioner

Family medicine focuses on treating patients of all ages. Family practitioners can treat anyone from babies to the elderly. If you have a family, a family practitioner can care for everyone. Keep in mind that although they’re called “family” practitioners, you don’t need to have a family to choose one as your primary care physician.

Family physicians have broad training in conditions and issues that can affect patients of all ages. Their training usually focuses on general outpatient care, including the diagnosis and management of illnesses and chronic conditions. 


Internal medicine exclusively treats adult patients. An internist focuses on the diagnosis and management of diseases and conditions that affect adults. Internists also help with preventive care..

As an adult, a family practitioner or an internist can be a good primary care physician. If other members of your household will also be seeking treatment, you may prefer a family practitioner. Some people prefer the in-depth focus on adults that an internist offers. 

6. Find a Primary Care Physician Who Makes You Feel Comfortable


Your primary care physician will be leading your health care, in partnership with you. It’s important to find someone who makes you feel comfortable. Consider what language(s) the doctor speaks to be sure you can communicate clearly. You also want someone who will be sensitive to your cultural background and religious convictions.

The first time you see your primary care physician, trust your instincts. Not every doctor will be the right fit for every patient. Meritage makes it easy to find a primary care physician and to change if necessary.

7. Specialized Resources for Patients 65+

If you’re over 65, you know that your health care and insurance needs are changing. We offer specialized resources like care coordination and care transition services. Meritage works with Medicare Advantage plans to give you more options.

At your annual wellness visit with your primary care physician, you and your provider will discuss a prevention plan. This plan includes things like a review of your medications and supplements, a screening schedule, and a review of your functional abilities to prevent falls.

Your primary care physician will help manage any illnesses and conditions you have and also help to prevent future problems.

Finding Your Primary Care Physician with Meritage Medical Network

Choosing a primary care physician is one of the most important health decisions you’ll make.

Meritage Medical Network gives you a large network of board-certified physicians to choose from. You’re sure to find someone who will be a good fit as your health care advocate.

Contact us today to find out more.

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