Your Member Rights

  1. Members have a right to receive information about the Meritage Medical Network, its services, its practitioners and providers, and members rights and responsibilities.
  2. Members have a right to be treated with respect and recognition of their dignity and right to privacy.
  3. Members have a right to participate with practitioners in decision- making regarding their health care.
  4. Members have a right to candid discussion of appropriate or medically necessary treatment options for their condition, regardless of cost or benefit coverage.
  5. Members have a right to voice complaints or appeals about the Meritage Medical Network or the care provided.
  6. Members have the right to make recommendations regarding Meritage Medical Network member’s rights and responsibilities policies.
  7. Members who inspect their medical record(s) have the right to provide to the healthcare provider a written addendum with respect to any item or statement in his or her record(s) that the member believes to be incomplete or incorrect is addressed.
  8. Members have the responsibility to understand their health problems and participate in developing mutually agreed upon treatment goals to the degree possible.
  9. Members have the responsibility to provide, to the extent possible, information that Meritage Medical Network and its practitioners/providers need in order to care for them.
  10. Members have the responsibility to follow the plans and instructions for care that they have agreed on with their practitioners.
  11. Practitioners are not restricted in advocating on behalf of a member or advising a member on medical care.
  12. Practitioner will inform member of treatment options (without regard to plan coverage), risks, benefits and consequences of treatment or non-treatment.
  13. Practitioner will consider member input in the proposed treatment plan, member’s right to refuse medical treatment and to self-determination in treatment plans.

Meritage Medical Network will provide its members with information needed to understand benefit coverage and obtain primary and specialty care. Meritage Medical Network will provide written information to the member on how to voice a complaint and file and appeal.Member information provided by the Meritage Medical Network will be readable, easily understood, and in the languages of the major population groups served.

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