Tips for Healthy Kids

healthy kid with asparagus

Teaching your child the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise can go a long way in their life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 17% of children and adolescents ages 2-19 are obese. Additionally, according to the National Institutes of Health, one third of obese children grow up to become obese adults – suffering from the associated ailments and also put at an increased risk for heart disease.
So, what can you do to help children be healthy throughout their lifetime? Teach them about the importance of a healthy diet, encourage exercise, and focus on the entire family being healthy!

Check out some of our favorite tips for healthy kids:

1. Healthy Food
At times, it can be difficult to get your children to eat healthy foods. However, once they see how fun it can be and that the whole family is enjoying it, they’ll be requesting these delicious recipes in no time! Check out these kid friendly healthy recipes!

2. Exercise as a Family
For a kid, exercising might not seem very “fun”, but when you get the whole family moving it can be a highlight of their day! Check out these fun ways to get your family moving!

3. Say Yes to Sports
Did you know that kids who play 3 or more sports are 27% less likely to be overweight and 39% less likely to be obese? Read more about the importance of team sports here!

4. Balance Physical & Stationary Activities
While reading, board games or video games can be mentally stimulating, try to encourage your children to get out there and play! A healthy balance of stationary and physical activities is extremely important to raising a well-rounded child!

If you’d like additional assistance in managing your child’s weight, check out our Way to go Kids! Wellness Class! This eight-week nutritional and fitness program for overweight and under-active children ages 9-14 focuses on developing healthy lifestyle habits.

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