Tricks & Treats for a Healthier Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. With the obesity rate at an all time high, we’d argue that the piles of candy everywhere are much scarier than any haunted house! Whether you’re an empty nester or have kids at home, these tricks and treats are sure to help you have a healthier Halloween this year.


Ok, we know what you’re thinking. Isn’t procrastination usually a bad thing? Not in this case! Wait until the last minute to stock up on Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters. This way, you can avoid temptation (and toothaches!) in the days leading up to October 31st.

Boycott candy altogether.

We’re not suggesting you avoid all treats! Instead of stocking up on ultra-sugary treats, purchase healthier snacks like granola bars, or make your own nut-butter and dark chocolate covered apples!

Get the recipe! 

Don’t be a zombie.

Rather than sitting in the house waiting for trick-or-treaters to arrive, leave a bowl of treats on your porch and get some exercise! Invite your adult friends to take a walk around the neighborhood with you and enjoy looking at all of the costumes!

Fill up.

Are you taking kids trick-or treating this year? Fill up on a healthy, hearty meal before you stroll the neighborhood. Your kids will be less likely to want to snack along the way if they are full, and will eat fewer pieces of candy afterwards. Try one of these recipes for a cozy fall stew. 

Play a trick.

Wondering what to do with all of the extra candy your child has collected? Tell them you ate it all and send it a video to @Jimmy Kimmel! This is a trick that is guaranteed to generate some laughs! Watch here.

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