Small Goals, Big Results! 7 Reasons You Should Start Setting Weekly Goals

Reaching big dreams starts on a much smaller scale.

Many people feel like their largest aspirations and desires are out of reach. Yet, in all actuality, they just haven’t divided the goals down small enough for long term success.

A great way to make your visions into real life is to be practical and realistic. Check out seven reasons why you should be setting smaller goals and some weekly goal ideas.

1. Reduces Stress Around Big Goals

You often feel a surge of enthusiasm and energy when you initially set big goals. But then the negative feelings start to sink in, and the moment becomes more overwhelming than exciting. This is a common side effect of setting your sights for great achievements.

The good news is that you can alleviate this anxiety by using one of the most helpful weekly goal ideas. Breaking down your goals into smaller tasks that you monitor on a shorter-term basis can help with those emotions that come when you’re looking at a large feat in the face.

2. Helps You Stay on Task

Sometimes you can get lost in goal setting that’s too grandiose.

One of the best weekly goal ideas is to use smaller goals to help you stay focused and on task. You could start with the large end goal and work your way backward. For instance, if you want to exercise 5 days a week, then write down daily tasks and use a planner or diary to keep track.

Putting these little actionable steps in place give you a clear direction of what to do and when to do it. It’s essential to be practical while envisioning things. 

3. Allows Time for Reflection

One of the best things you can do while trying to reach a goal is self reflect. The problem that comes with larger goals is that they are long term. This can strip away opportunities to stop and reflect on specific milestones that need recognition.

In this case, setting small weekly goals allows you to reflect on what is going on more often. You get a chance to look at how you’re doing and feeling each week. It also is useful for identifying when you need to pivot.

When you are able to reflect on a goal more often, you can catch problems earlier on. 

4. Easier to Switch Goals

Again, sometimes you’ll reflect on goals and realize it’s time to go in a different direction.

This could be with strategies, or execution on the larger goal overall. Setting small goals each week gives you the chance to switch up details and plans regarding your goals more quickly.

You won’t have to wait until you get to results that you didn’t necessarily want before you change goals. You can alter a goal or an aspect when need be.

5. Small Steps Add Up

Climbing to the top of a mountain doesn’t happen in a day. It takes time, patience, and a lot of tiny steps from the very bottom. All of these constant and consistent efforts add up to help you accomplish something great.

This goes the same for setting goals. Setting and achieving small goals are like the building blocks that you continue to pile on top of each other until the monument is done. 

Remember that no matter how small you think the task or progress is, it counts in getting you closer to results.

Even the tiniest step will leave its mark on a larger goal. The best part about this is that sometimes you barely even feel the smaller steps, but they all matter.

6. Boosts Confidence

A great tip for weekly goal ideas is to give yourself pats on the back when you meet smaller goals. This will help to boost your confidence and continue to keep you focused on the finish line. 

Most people are extremely motivated by results that they can see, especially when they’re immediate.

Being able to check-in on your goals on a weekly basis allows you to see results more often. This is a great way to feel good about yourself and keep your head in the game.

Remember to celebrate all the small wins on your way to the larger achievement. It’s vital that you keep up steady morale and stay positive, so you don’t lose sight of the big picture.

7. Easier to Get Started

One of the hardest parts about accomplishing a goal is to get started. Procrastination and self-doubt are just two culprits that sneak in to take people’s glory away. However, there’s a way to combat both of these things (and other negative factors) at the same time.

Make goals happen quicker by setting weekly goals.

The smaller scale of the tasks can help to get you started much sooner. The less time you spend over-thinking or talking yourself out of a goal, the faster you’ll be on the road to reaching your accomplishments.

Weekly Goal Ideas to Try

Setting weekly goals is important and can put you on track for success. Here are some great ways that you can start putting smaller goals on your schedule today:

  • Set a large goal
  • Research how to get to the end result
  • Break this down into smaller tasks
  • Spread out tasks on a calendar (day-to-day basis)
  • Do weekly check-ins & reflection
  • Pivot accordingly

Don’t worry. You can do this! 

Reach Your Dreams by Setting Smaller Weekly Goals

Reaching your dreams is possible for anyone when you use the right keys for success. These weekly goal ideas can help put you on the right track to pace yourself for long-term success.

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